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Passing on babywearing

Ever since the world began, all around the globe, babies have been carried.

On the hip or on the back, cradled, comforted, soothed, cuddled, babies are thus kept close, included in daily life and transported easily wherever we go.

At home, in nature or on public transport, babywearing becomes a way of life that simplifies the daily life of all families, in addition to supporting the harmonious development of the very young.

Babywearing has always been transmitted naturally by the community surrounding the new family.

In the West, this culture has unfortunately been lost and we are rehabilitating it today thanks to the resource persons who are the babywearing instructors.

Our school trains these babywearing instructors throughout Quebec.

Instructors trained with us are:

  • Aware of the benefits of close practices of skin-to-skin contact and child carrying,
  • Educated on baby's basic needs, skills and early motor development,
  • Trained in a benevolent approach that aims to empower parents,
  • Able to adequately guide any parent in the choice of a babycarrier and the safe use of it,
  • Ready to facilitate a connected experience between baby and parents.

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