About us

Porter la Vie, since its founding in 2007, has for mission to spread the art of wearing children and make it accessible to the greatest number.

Porter la Vie is:

  • a babywearing school.
  • a Quebec community of babywearing instructors.
  • a portal of information to help begin babywearing
  • a non profit organization


  • Babywearing is a precious family tool: it favourises harmony while obtaining joy, simplyfying everyday life, all while supporting the child in it's global developpement.
  • It is essential to keep babywearing simple and accessible!
  • We consider that the parents are the experts when it comes to their child.
  • We encourage safe practices while babywearing all while gratifying and promoting autonomy. Our workshops have for mission to equip the parent so that he or she can recognize the proper carry for them and their child.
  • We aim to coach each parent in what they wish for and make sure that the parent is ready to experiment with their child, all of this while offering them the most up to date information in the world of babywearing.

The founder

Janie Vachon-Robillard discovered babywearing in South America through her childhood . With the absence of babywearing resources in Quebec in the beginning of the year 2000, she improvised all by herself with her two first children how to wrap her children.

Her studies and university internships in prenatal care (BAC midwife UQTR 2003-2007) reinforced her convictions of the fundamental benefits to babywearing as much for the child than for the parents and the interest to make it more accessible to the Quebecers.

She starts to transmit the art of babywearing in response to the popular demand as of 2003 and makes quebecers discover the pleasure of wearing wraps, and eventually with babie carriers from around the world.

In 2007, she consolidates her babywearing knowledge by following the first professional training given in Quebec by the international association '' Peau a Peau'' , she then founded Porter la Vie, a non-lucrative project where all the profits are reinvested for the transmition of wearing children. In 2016 , she also followed the training of the Canadian Babywearing School offered in Quebec.

 It is since 2009 that she offers her own professional training in Quebec in order to respond to the demand of prenatal instructors and the future babywearing instructors; the training that she shares and keeps improving since her beginnings with the collaboration of participants.