Learn faster with a babywearing instructor!

''By joining a babywearing workshop I can now do all my chores and activities all while having my children close and knowing they are well''  Patrick, father of three children.

'' Following our workshop, my husband and I have used our wraps as a mode of transportation for our three children while on our trip to Malaysia.My baby has experienced traveling in the comfort of his wrap. Thank you! ''  Claudie

'' Finally I have reconciliated myself with my wrap. I am now anxious for the birth of my future baby to be able to wear him as of the first days.'' Manon

Workshop Back babywearing

With Sandra Juárez

Friday July 10, 2020 from 13:30 to 15:00
Centre périnatale Le Berceau,
733, rue Laurier,
Beloeil, J3G 4J7
  • Prix : 20$

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