École Porter la Vie

Professional Training School Specializing
in Babywearing and Skin-to-Skin Contact

Our Mission : To Pass on The Art of Babywearing

We train babywearing instructors and equip perinatal practitioners
in Quebec and throughout the French-speaking world.

Professional Training

Skin-to-Skin Training

Père qui tient son bébé sur son torse en peau à peau

To advise and accompany skin-to-skin care after the first two hours of life. Physiological mechanisms, benefits, safety and miracles.

Babywearing Consultant

Mère qui porte son nouveau-né dans une écharpe de portage à l'avant.

To encourage safe, physiological babywearing (0-3 months). Physiology, baby development and all the benefits of babywearing

Babywearing Instructor

cursus de monitrice de portage

To teach babywearing.
Hip and back carrying techniques adapted to the specific needs of each family.

Discover the power of postnatal proximity practices.

At the heart of every family, babywearing and skin-to-skin contact support the development of innate human potential: from intelligence to health and empathy.

To Make Babywearing Simple and Accessible...

A Transmission Chain to Be Recreated

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Workshops and Conferences

What Our Students Have to Say...

" I've learned so much more than I expected and I'm so grateful to you".

Étudiante Stéphanie McDonald, physiothérapeute, qui porte son bébé par devant dans la forêt
Stéphanie McDonald

"Training with Porter la vie is much more than learning how to put a baby in a sling.

It's a tool for bonding with your child, fostering their development and meeting their needs as well as those of the parent.

Étudiante Chantal avec un kangourou d'hiver qui porte son bébé sur le dos
Chantal Piché Cadotte
Public service team leader

" The training has enabled me to gain important knowledge about newborns and our interaction with them. A better understanding of their needs and the impact of our actions.

The teaching I received gave me a new vision and enabled me to bring to those around me an approach that goes through the skin and through contact with one's child.

I feel very well equipped to teach them how and why to do it .

Étudiante Véronique Loubert qui porte son fils sur son dos
Véronique Loubert

Demonstration Weighted Dolls

Heavy, Realistic, Magnificent!

The Founder

Janie Vachon-Robillard

A pioneer in babywearing education in Quebec

Trainer, author, speaker and perinatal coach

Janie Vachon directrice

For over 20 years, I’ve helped hundreds of families rediscover babywearing and the use of traditional or modern baby carriers.

Inspired by my childhood travels in South America, I tamed and rediscovered this ancestral practice on my own in the absence of resources in the early 2000s.

It was in response to requests from my community that I began teaching babywearing and later set up my professional training courses.

After training several hundred instructors across Quebec, the need arose to create a network, and so was born the Institut national du portage des enfants (INPE), a community organization with which I’ve worked in close partnership ever since.

My work explores how parent-child proximity at the very beginning of life contributes to laying the foundations for a more harmonious human experience, one that listens and respects oneself, others and our environment.