Professional Training

Skin-To-Skin and Babywearing

For People Working in Perinatal Care:

  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Family Community Workers
  • Lactation Consultants or Breastfeeding Sponsors
  • Birth Companions

Or Parents Who Want to Pass on A Passion

Three Levels of Babywearing Training

Available in French · In English, on request only

Skin-to-Skin Training

Level 0 Courses

It All Starts with Skin-To-Skin

A training course to discover in depth the mechanisms that make skin-to-skin an essential treatment. Beyond its importance at birth and for breastfeeding, when practiced during the first six weeks, it lays the foundations for optimal health throughout baby’s life. It also has a long-term influence on family life.

Babywearing Consultant

Course Levels 0 and 1

Starting from The Base... of A Baby

Baby-friendly carrying, wrapping and essential safety rules. Immerse yourself in the synergy of benefits. To guide any parent-newborn dyad towards safe, comfortable and adapted babywearing. Discover each type of baby carrier with its own particularities, while getting back to basics: the emerging relationship.

Babywearing Instructor

Courses Levels 0, 1 and 2

Drive Belt

With this three-month theoretical and practical training course, you’ll become a resource person in babywearing and skin-to-skin contact.

Specialization appreciated by many perinatal care professionals:

  • Nurse and family doctor
  • Physiotherapists and occupational therapists
  • Chiropractor and osteopath
  • Lactation consultant and doula
  • Community Worker

A Key that Changes the Experience of Parenthood

New parents all experience isolation, helplessness, discouragement, exhaustion… whether it seems like it or not.

Crying babies don’t go unnoticed, except… when their parents don’t dare go out.

crying baby icon

You can offer them a SIMPLE tool to make their parenting and neonatal adaptation more harmonious.

As babywearing instructors and trainers, we have heard mothers say so many times: “I don’t know what I would have done without babywearing ” or “It’s a real lifesaver!
It saved my life!

lifebuoy and heart

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

tip of the iceberg

This is only the most obvious part of the benefits of postnatal outreach practices, the part that parents are aware of.

Humanizing and Optimizing Postnatal Care

Put biology on our side so that caring for a baby can be…

Demanding AND

Demanding AND

All-weather AND

First and foremost, babywearing is an adaptive human strategy that has spread to every continent and through the ages.

Rebuilding Together
the Transmission Chain

human transmission chain icon

We can promote attachment, breastfeeding and better mental health for mothers and fathers by :

  • Closer to home
  • Supporting parenting skills
  • Recognition of the baby’s skills.

See the Baby in A New Light

As well as techniques and baby carriers, you 'll learn about the relationship between new parents and their babies. 

It’s not us who are saying this, but our students in their testimonials (see them at the bottom of the page).

Living an Inner and Professional

As founder of the school, this is what I’ve experienced as I’ve educated myself in free motor skills, coiling, baby psychomotricity, archaic reflexes, the system surrounding oxytocin secretion, etc., to better understand the benefits of babywearing.

It’s also “my real paycheck”, as the students testify to their own turnaround in consciousness.

Training with the École Porter la Vie is...

At your own pace from home

The benefits of well-supported and motivating online training.

But also in a group, in real life

Together, we go further. Learning is richer and more integrated when it's shared.

Ancestral wisdom

Starting from the roots of portage and the experience of cultures everywhere. Back to simplicity.

And the rigor of science

Research and scientific articles to support understanding and validate intuition.


“Janie, you’re the figurehead of babywearing in Quebec and, increasingly, a proud promoter of skin-to-skin contact. We’re privileged to benefit from your expertise and experience.

Thank you so much for this training and for helping to pass on the art of babywearing!

I also really appreciated Amélie’s dynamism, enthusiasm, sense of humor, great competence and openness. I felt she really cared about the success of her babywearing students and made herself available to offer support when needed. Thank you so much for everything! “.

Julie Vignola accompagnante
Julie Vignola, postnatal and post-relief assistant

“I believe that skin-to-skin and babywearing are such important elements in promoting the physical health of the newborn, and that of the adult who practices it, as well as in the development of attachment and a secure parent-child relationship.

However, it is essential that everything be done safely, which is well emphasized, described and explained in Janie’s teachings. The latter is based as much on existing scientific studies as on the in-depth experience of people who have always practiced babywearing and skin-to-skin contact all around the world.

I’ve been able to apply the tools I’ve developed with my daughter since she was 6 months old (she’s 18 months now) and I believe it has helped me build an even stronger and more trusting attachment relationship with her. What’s more, it’s given me greater autonomy and freedom to get around and do household chores!

Honestly, I was blown away by the knowledge I gained from this training program. I would recommend the Porter la Vie training courses to anyone. I hope that eventually this knowledge will become commonplace and more widely integrated into our society.”

Photo de Jane Omer
Jane Omer, healthcare professional