You’ll love this doll because it’s…

  • Just heavy enough
  • Realistic with a pretty face
  • Made of non-toxic materials
  • Articulated
  • Designed with soft plastic hands and feet
  • Able to sit



Heavy, weighted doll for demonstrating realistic gestures. Its proportions and articulated limbs are designed to precisely mimic the anatomy of a one-year-old baby. It is carefully padded and weighted with sand and synthetic stuffing*.

It’s perfect for teaching back-carrying, demonstrating pediatric physiotherapy, or any other movement to do with a toddler, etc.

This doll complies with European toy safety standards, is BPA- and phthalate-free.

*Possibility of adding extra weight to the head for gestures that require the head to feel heavy in a child with poor neck tone. This option is sometimes useful for occupational therapy capacity assessments. The head, which normally weighs just over 400 g, can be made up to 900 g heavier. The doll’s total weight is now 6.2 k g. When this option is chosen, it becomes essential to handle the doll by supporting its head at all times, as you would with a newborn baby. This option is available by special order only. The cost of this extra is $20. Please contact us before ordering.

Additional information

Weight5.7 kg
Dimensions70 cm
Toddler model

David white skin, David black skin


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